Overseeing Pastor

Bishop Curt E. Courtenay is a man who has humbly embraced his gifts as an inspirational speaker, author, teacher, songwriter, playwright, and bridge builder.  Bishop entered his pastoral ministry in May 2000 as the Senior Pastor of the Emmanuel Church of God. Their growth as a multi-cultural church became evident under his leadership; with active ministries that focus on community outreach, in Brooklyn, New York, Emmanuel has become a paradigm for local and international churches in the areas of liturgical dance, drama and the arts.

In 1995, Bishop Courtenay became an ordained licensed minister under the Church of God of Cleveland Tennessee.  As a member of PHIPA (Potter’s House International Pastor’s Alliance), Bishop Courtenay received Affirmation of the Pastorate at the Potter’s House in September 2004, under the covering of Bishop T.D. Jakes, of Dallas, Texas. Pastor Courtenay was consecrated to the office of Bishop in 2005 and presently serves as member of the Joint College of Bishops’ Congress.

Broadening his ministry, Bishop Courtenay became a certified chaplain, then went on to advance his Biblical Studies by obtaining his Bachelors in Theology from Southeastern Theological Seminary.

Bishop Courtenay is the founder of Emmanuel Christian Cultural Fellowship (ECCF). Through this fellowship, established in 2003, Bishop Courtenay provides spiritual oversight to other pastors and churches.  Bishop Courtenay coaches and instructs pastors and church/ministry leadership in the importance of balancing family, ministry, and work.

Presently, Bishop Curt E. Courtenay resides in Brooklyn, New York with his wife, Pastor Aracely Courtenay, and his three children, Gesai, Curt, Jr., and Kayris.




First Lady/Assistant Pastor

Pastor Aracely Courtenay, a native of the Republic of Panama, is a dynamic woman who has a passion for assisting the women of her community.  She pastors at the Emmanuel Church of God in Brooklyn, N.Y. alongside her husband, Bishop Curt Courtenay, who is the Senior Pastor.

Talitha Cumi Women’s Ministry is a ministry for women that Pastor Courtenay oversees.  Talitha Cumi means “Damsel Arise.”  It embodies her vision for women.  She holds 8 years experience in the field of property management and coordinated housing for low and moderate income families, especially for single mothers.  Her passion for women’s issues was birthed during her tenure as a property manager.  Her message is for women everywhere that no matter what difficulties may arise in a person’s life, the individual can rise above it.

As a full-time minister, Pastor Courtenay dedicates her life to encouraging, counseling and assisting women of all ages to arise out of their situations.  She is an inspiration

Pastor Courtenay and her husband, Bishop Curt Courtenay, currently reside in Brooklyn, New York with their three children, Gesai, Curt, Jr., and Kayris.because of her unique perspectives that allow her to relate to those who seek her for advice and assistance. Her expertise is instrumental in developing upcoming ministers to become community conscious in a time where fear and uncertainty about the future pervades our society.  She coordinates local and international food and clothing drives and a yearly back-to-school drive that distributes free school supplies to the community she serves.